What We Offer

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Great support team

We have a team of experienced and skilled staff on standby waiting to serve you!

Value for your money

When you become a member, you can access exclusive discounts of up to 75%!


Wide range of options

What kind of a discount do you want? Travel? Shopping? Recreation? We have it all…


Easy Sign Up Process

Our membership is easy to enroll and the sign up process is fast and smooth. We have a wide range of options from monthly to annual plans for you to choose from.

Investment opportunities

Yes, we have created a system where you can also make money by owning exclusive right to do business in a territory of your choice! Contact us for more info

Fundraising opportunities

We have one of the most powerful and credible fundraising platforms you can use whether you want to raise funds for schools, personal, or for any organizations. Contact us for for more info.

Membership Cards Sold

We have sold over 4,000,000 membership cards since 1996!


500,000 + Properties Listed For You To Choose From

Discount Listings

We have over 2,000,000 discount listings waiting for you!


We are in over 141 countries and growing!

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