About Us

Tell1Tellall Travel Club

Tell1TellAll was started because of my passion for traveling and desire to help others. We, like most families, had to travel on a budget. We had really only just started our travel journey when we found that to remain on a budget we would have to stay at some questionable locations, we knew there had to be a better way. With some research we came across an amazing company, it has allowed us to travel more and stay at places that before were out of reach. We have now been able stay at some of the top brand hotels and resorts. These are the same resorts that people pay tens of thousands of dollars to buy into and pay hundreds a month for maintenance fees. We were able stay at these same locations without any of those fees and the best part NO TIMESHARE PRESENTATIONS! Once we discovered this we wanted to let as many people as possible know about it too.

 Our goal is to give people the opportunity to not only build lasting memories with their families through travel but also give them a way to make a little extra income simply by sharing the opportunity with others. We have noticed that there are many companies out there that invite you to share in the opportunity but then their ads and marketing compete with you, we want to help you, not compete with you. Any and all advertising campaigns will benefit everyone because all new members that join will be placed under existing members. With a little effort and work from you and help from us, you will be able to earn a residual income for yourself.

We as a company want to strive to better the lives of not just our members and affiliates but as many lives that we can, so 10% of every sale each month will be donated to various charities and nonprofits. We would also like to challenge all members to do something good for the communities you visit in your travels, it can be as simple as spending an hour of your trip picking up trash. Together we can build an amazing company that can do its part in changing the world one trip at a time.

Our Mission

As a company, our mission is to simply negotiate the best deals for you so that you can enjoy life without breaking the bank!

It is that simple.

Our staff does all the work for you, and we place it all in one area such that you will have an easy time while looking around for those ‘hidden’ deals companies offer.

On our members’ area, you get to access amazing discounts not available anywhere else in areas such as travel, shopping discounts, hotels and accommodation and in our latest addition which is wellness and fitness among others.

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